Jason deCaires Taylor recently installed Ocean Atlas, a huge underwater sculpture depicting young local girl holding up the ceiling of the ocean, off the coast of Nassua in the Bahamas. Constructed using sustainable pH neutral materials, the colossal piece is meant to serve as an artificial reef for marine life.

threnodycomic said: An artist I follow made this wonderful multi-layered woodcut telling the entire story of Neverwhere. I'm certain you'll love it. Sending you links is probably bad internetiquette, so I'll just tell you he goes by 'mtomsky', and the piece is called 'London Below'




London Bellow…

Best Advice For Writers


These are very best pieces of advice ever given to me by other writers. 

1. Writing is the easiest part. It’s the author shit that’s hard. (Ian Rankin)

2. Never, ever diet on tour. (Kate Atkinson)

3. Don’t believe anything film people say until you’re at the première, watching the credits roll. (Christopher Fowler)

4. Fuck ‘em. You’re fabulous. (Joolz Denby)

5. You’re never too old to send a fan letter to someone you love, or too much in a hurry to stop for ice cream. (Ray Bradbury)

6. Always check you’ve been paid. If they can screw you over, they will. (Brian Aldiss)

7. There’s no such thing as a large whiskey. (Seamus Heaney)

8. Shy of the Press? Wear a hat. Then, whenever you take it off, nobody will recognize you. (Terry Pratchett)

9. You want to be an explorer? Explore. (Robin Hanbury-Tenison)

10. If you do more exercise, you can drink more wine. (Naomi Alderman)

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Where are all the body positive white feminists at? This post has like no notes. I wonder why….

Because there is nothing we can say in the face of this woman’s courage and accomplishment.  She ought to be allowed to say it and take pride in it on her own, without us taking up her light.

We have value. We all have value. And that value has nothing to do with the shape of our bodies, but is determined by the quality of our souls. Anyone who doesn’t agree can get the feck out.

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Meet the Amazons



Alright, it’s time! Let’s kick off Amazon Week by introducing the Amazons described in this awesome news story. In clockwise order, from the top, we have: Worthy of Armor, Don’t Fail, Princess, Battle Cry, and Hot Flanks.

Maybe a lot of them don’t look like what you’d expect for Amazons. Yeah, well - let’s talk about that.

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Meet Garfi, the world’s angriest cat. The seemingly wrathful kitty, who lives with his owner Hulya Ozkok in Turkey, has a permanently furrowed brow that just naturally makes him appear like a fluffy, orange ball of rage.

El gato más enojado del mundo vive en Turquía

Shahina Farid: Lady of the Höyük



Shahina Farid

Although most people associate the famous Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Turkey with James Mellaart and Ian Hodder, there is one person who is arguably the most important in the history of excavations at this World Heritage Site:  Shahina Farid. Shahina was born in London to parents who migrated from Pakistan, and attended school in Camden. Her first exposure to archaeology was a school visit to the Tutankhamun exhibition at the British Museum, and by age 15 she has already decided she was going to be and archaeologist, and was spent her time volunteering on local excavations. She studied archaeology at the University of Liverpool, but her true passion was to be out in the field, and following graduation she spent several years as a professional in commercial archaeology in London and on projects in Turkey, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Many would agree that she is the best field archaeologist in the business. She was invited to join the Çatalhöyük project as field director in the 1990s, where she worked for almost 20 years.  Although she does not consider herself an academic, her expertise has been the driving force behind the iconic excavation and her impact on the wider discipline cannot be overstated. Her work in constructing the Çatalhöyük stratigraphic sequence is the cornerstone of countless archaeological and scientific studies, reflected in her publication record of over 40 articles and reports, and without her input, reflexive methodology would only be a theory. Managing the communication and interaction of an international team of over 200 academics and students is no mean feat, and despite her firm, no nonsense attitude to work in the field, Shahina has also been a mentor to a generation of archaeologists who have worked at the site, and an inspiration to all. She left Çatalhöyük in 2012, but will always be thought of as the Lady of the Höyük. She now works for English Heritage on the Scientific Dating Team. But we’re sure she’ll be getting the trowel back out before too long…

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Hypatia: the Martyr Mathematician (350~370?-415 CE)



There are few women whose legacies have been more of a political football than Hypatia of Alexandria. She was not only the last scientist to work in the Library of Alexandria, but the first female mathematician in recorded history. She also was an expert astronomer, philosopher, physicist, and overachiever. Unfortunately, Hypatia was killed by a mob of Christian zealots in particularly grisly fashion, turning her life story into a point of contention for centuries to come. Let’s try and unwind this gordian knot after the cut.

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En la Banned Books Week 2014 (Semana de los Libros Prohibidos 2014) el extraordinario Grant Snider nos deja este estupendo dibujo. 

Happy Banned Books Week!
What banned or challenged book are you reading?


En la Banned Books Week 2014 (Semana de los Libros Prohibidos 2014) el extraordinario Grant Snider nos deja este estupendo dibujo. 


Happy Banned Books Week!

What banned or challenged book are you reading?

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